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Active TrackerTM

Madhya Pradesh State has issued the guidelines for the Active Tracker device to be installed. Magnum Opus first invented SILENT OBSERVER (SIOB), which was used in the Kolhapur district. But Silent Observer was not upto the mark and hence it was removed and replaced by the advanced version popularly known as ACTIVE TRACKER.

The MP State has issued further features in the system and accordingly Magnum Opus has upgraded the Active Tracker and releasing it as ACTIVE TRACKER+. Active Tracker+ complies with the 100% features as mentioned in the Guidelines.

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About Magnum Opus
Magnum OpusTM is one of the leading companies in E-Governance & M-Governance and has pioneered in various innovations , solutions and products contributing to Good Governance & benefits to the common man. Our focus is on developing systems for the Government departments to enhance their efficiency, accuracy and helping them to serve citizens better. Magnum OpusTM has vast experience in implementing turn key projects and solutions to various departments such as Election, Food & Civil Supply, Revenue, Police, Sports& Health.
Save The Baby Girl & Active Tracker is a system and method using information technology to effectively implement the PCPNDT Act and saving the girl child. Magnum Opus invented this at Kolhapur district of Maharashtra and the first version was called as Silent Observer. Over the period of 6 years, the system has corrected all its errors and silent observer was upgraded to Active Tracker and now launching "Active Tracker+". The project is implemente in more than 60 districts across India with over 5000 centers made online and 2000 Active Trackers were installed. The project has shown tremendous results by controlling the under reporting and false reporting and increase in the sex ratio.
Here is a comparison of the Silent Observer, Active Tracker & Active Tracker+ with respect to the guidelines issued by the MP state:
Sr.No Guideline Silent Observer (SIOB) Active Tracker Active Tracker +
1 It should be able to store data* for the period of 2 years, as per the PCPNDT Act.
2 Every data should be stored in compressed, secured, tamper-proof and encrypted form.
3 It should be ensured that stored data be not manipulated or deleted by any mean and should be protected from tampering.
4 It should start continuous recording/storing of data as soon as Sonography machine is ON and recording/storing of data should not be controlled through external equipments (e.g. probe, keyboard etc).
5 For taking backup of the data from tracking device, software application should be provided by the firm/company to the Appropriate Authority and State PCPNDT Cell. The software should have simple and easy user-interface for taking backup and decryption of data.
6 It should be able to send signal and information (e.g. HDD space, No. of videos created, Time stamp etc) on every On/Off event of Sonography machine (through SMS/GPRS) which can be monitored or reviewed using online web-application/software on real-time basis.
7 It should be able to send Alert SMS and Email to the center owner's registered mobile number/ email on every On/Off event of Sonography machine.
8 It should have external viewable indication (LED or other) for showing its status (working or non-working).
9 The firm/company should provide the User-id and Password to every center owner to check the online status of the tracking device.
10 There should not be manual or remote operated On/Off switch button in the device including SMS/GPRS facility and functioning of device.
11 Brief details like installation date, unique sno., HDD sno., datacard sno. helpdesk or support desk contact no. & email should be pasted clearly on the top of the device.
12 It should be tightly fitted with Sonography machine in a tamper - proof manner.
13 Each tracking device should have UNIQUE serial number.
14 If HDD space is full then should be sealed and kept by center owner safely
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